• How long is the product and performance warranty for Hanwha Q CELLS products?
    Q CELLS high quality modules are covered by a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear performance guarantee². In general, a solar system with Q CELLS high quality modules is trouble-free and only need maintenance at a very low level. However, should any problems arise with Q CELLS modules, you can contact our local office based in Sydney for warranty support.

    ² In accordance with the warranty terms of the Hanwha Q CELLS distribution organization in your region or country.
  • Are there government incentives for solar?
    Generally speaking, large scale generation certificates (LGC) are available. Please refer to the Clean Energy Regulator for further information.
    Additionally, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) offer project subsidies to approved renewable energy projects.
  • Are there financing options available for solar systems?
    Project cashflow and milestone pricing is negotiated on a case by case for each EPC contract.

  • I'm looking for additional funding for a solar power plant: who should i contact?
    Hanwha Q CELLS is available also as an experienced partner for financing. As part of the Hanwha Group, we offer investors the financial stability and backing of one of the 8 largest companies in South Korea behind us. If you are interested in funding for a solar power plant, you can simply contact our Hanwha Q CELLS specialists without any obligation. One of our staff will promptly contact you and arrange an appointment for a personal consultation.

  • Who takes care of all the tenders, expert reports and building planning permission for the construction of a solar power plant?
    Typically, project planning and connection approvals are to be completed by the developer. The EPC scope includes, design, procurement of equipment, logistics, construction and commissioning.
  • Who is responsible for the monitoring or maintenance of the solar system?
    Hanwha Q CELLS offers you a single source for all development and project activities, from design through network connection to maintenance and care of complete solar power plants. On request, we take over all the crucial steps of project management as your general contractor (EPC Contractor). These include, of course, the site analysis, plant design, construction planning, obtaining local authority approvals, clarifying the feed-in options and the creation of output reports.The planning and construction of large-scale solar power plants therefore is a highly complex process, which has been largely standardized and optimized by our specialists.
  • What is PERC and Q.ANTUM technology?
    The Q.ANTUM Technology developed by Hanwha Q CELLS is based on Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology. PERC techology's benefit is largely due to a reflective layer behind the solar cell, which allows the passivation of the rear side of the solar cell. This state of the art technology allows for capture of previously unused sunlight back into the cell where it can be converted into solar electricity. Hanwha Q CELLS developed yield security technologies including Anti-PID, Anti-LID, Hot-Spot Protect and Tra.Q™ that are a part of our proprietary Q.ANTUM technology. Hanwha Q CELLS is the largest producer of PERC solar cells in the world.
  • How long does it take to construct a solar farm?
    The time to complete an EPC project heavily depends on the site location and the overall capacity. Projects can be completed in as little as 6 months for small projects and up to 2 years for grid scale.
  • Will I have to suspend normal business operations during installation of my solar project?
    No, our EPC business services Utility scale and generally speaking the site are separate from industrial or commercial operations. Where an installation is to tie into a behind the meter operation, we encourage you to discuss your exact requirements to ensure that energy supply stability is sustained.
  • Who are Hanwha Group?
    Hanwha Q CELLS (NASDAQ: HQCL) is a part of Hanwha Group, a Global Fortune 500 Company established in 1952 with over 55 Billion USD in total revenue and over 159 Billion USD in total assets. Simply put, Hanwha Group’s revenue is larger than that of Wesfarmers, Australia’s largest conglomerate, and larger than the sum of revenues of Australia’s largest telecommunication company Telstra and mining corporation Rio Tinto.